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Who we are

A wine rack designed and nearly wholly manufactured by us, a third-generation family business steeped in precision engineering and design. We have designed and made parts for Formula One racing, the UK Home Office, Aston Martin and British Aerospace to name but a few. Our designs and machined parts still fly today, such as the smoke pod billowing the coloured smoke out of the RAF Red Arrows display teams Hawk aircraft. We are proud of our heritage and hope that this is evident in the quality of the design and manufacturing of this wine rack, a veritable homage to the billions of grapes that make the ultimate sacrifice to make our lives better each year.

Papillon Roots

So, after a few years sitting in front of CAD packages and milling and turning away on CNC machines, this is the Papillon wine rack. Born of a couple too many, a few too many times and an idea during a very nice night out at a friends, surrounded by alpacas. 

The Papillon wine rack was designed to be an elegant, modular companion to your fine wine collection. They are engineered and manufactured to last a lifetime and to be transportable, so that as your life moves forward and your collection grows, the rack can travel and grow with you. 

As small or as large, simple or as advanced as you make your Papillon, this app and the racks are made to make storing and enjoying your wine easy and fluff-free. Good night, sleep well, dear bottled bundles of joy.

Pas cette dinde, Bernard…

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