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The Papillon Modular Wine Rack


Customise CUSTOMISE GET CUSTOMISING BETTER WINE KEEP Modular MOVE ARRANGE ADD MODULAR Any space in the house is a blank canvas. Choose a rack capacity and fill it. Move it when you move home, add to it when you want. GET DESIGNING Modular TRACK YOUR WINE APP -
Inventory your wine and get drinking date and price approximations
Take your wine collecting to the next level!
Choose an incline from two different theories on how you should store wine. LEARN MORE BETTER WINE AGE


Stack in groups and easily moved. Low in the Bordeaux section and too many Burgundies? Move units from one group to another to suit. Easily portable, even with bottles still inside. Add racks as your collection grows making any initial outlay for a rack smaller as you do not have to estimate the future size of your collection.


The Papillon modular fine wine rack can develop like your wine collection.  Make those racks as simple or as advanced as you want; add a base unit, add a compartment for wood shavings, add a top, include a chilling unit, add lighting, it's up to you. The modular aspect to the rack makes growing your collection flexible and easy.


Extensive, ultimately enjoyable research revealed the angle at which both wine and air touched the cork for all bottles. Your bottles are held in this range to age perfectly. We drank the bottles after, to protect our research findings.


The Papillon modular fine wine rack comes in a multitude of colours and configurations to choose from. Wood or metal inlays and trims as well as a choice of wood varieties. Customise by putting your own name or logo on it.


There's an app for that… sign bottles in, lay bottles down, search for bottles in you collection, find out which wines are good to drink. All with the Papillon app. Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad, Desktop. Our next release is aiming to give you a collection value too.

Precision Engineered


With the Papillon modular wine rack you can configure the modules to get the perfect rack for your surrounding and requirements. If there is a specific requirement for your cellar space, feel free to contact us for help in finding the right configuration for you.


Feel free to come see your rack being made. The racks are made on our CNC machines. We use the top specification aerospace grade materials with full traceability. Check you're getting an authentic Papillon, each rack is numbered.


Option to have the rack installed. The wine Papillon racks are packed and shipped in specially designed packaging which therefore ensures that your rack does not get damaged en route to its new home.


Hide it or show it off, the racks aim is to be functional but also something you like to know is tucked away somewhere in your house, cradling your collection.

Modular Papillon Wine Racks Stacked

Made to order

30 Days

From your chosen standard design order to delivery at your door


100 %

Constructed from 100% sustainably-sourced timber.

For Every Style

3 Sizes

3 standard sizes of rack: 6, 12 and 18 bottle versions.

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